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EAG/EBNA Meeting Torino 2014

EAG/EBNA Meeting Torino 2014

EAB - EAG Joint Meeting

The General Directorate of Archives organizes in Turin the 30th Conference of the European Board of National Archivists (EBNA) and the 17th Meeting of the European Archives Group (EAG) within the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The meetings will be held on 3 – 4 November 2014 at the State Archives of Turin.
The EBNA and EAG meetings constitute significant meetings in the field of archives in which distinguished representatives specialized in the archival subjects exchange their positions on the recent developments of the field.
During the same days, both APEx Country Managers meeting and APEx Executive Steering Committee meeting will take place as well. Registration form for ApeX meeting and social events related, on next Monday the 6th of October at 17:00 CET at the latest. See ApeX Agenda

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